What it takes to write a full arch immediacy story

Immediacy Webinar Series #2 –
What it takes to write a full arch immediacy story
Speakers: Dr. Tran-Hung Lam & Dr. Tran Thanh Phong
Dear dental professionals,
Join us for this Immediacy Webinar Series and get your own copy of Straumann® BLX Casebook Special Edition Asia! A truly unique collection of clinical cases presented by clinicians from Asia.
For this case collection book, we have carefully selected clinicians from the region with a various clinical background to present their outstanding clinical skills using the BLX Implant System.
Therefore, we have invited them on this The Immediacy Webinar Series to share with you all you need to know about immediacy protocols. They will walk you through an ultra-rich and crispy learning content that is related to Immediacy, sharing their expertise and tips & tricks on successful immediate implant treatment in different clinical situations; with step by step clinical considerations and out of the box techniques to restore health and confidence in your patient.
Please register online and you will receive a confirmation email to access the online webinar. Thank you.

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